AxisPlus Benefits™—a relationship, not just another transaction

Your company will save payroll taxes on every dollar your employees put through your pre-tax plans. As your employees contribute they will be able to take home more money and your company will save. It’s a win-win situation for your employee and for you!

AxisPlus Benefits™ has been working with organizations like yours since 1985 and understands the complex needs of large employers with self-funded, fully insured or pooled medical, dental and vision plans. We pride ourselves in having exceptional products and exceptional customer service to match our products. As a result of our emphasis on the customer, AxisPlus Benefits™ prides itself on it’s client retention. That is why over 20 years of providing a quality product and customer service our clients don’t leave us. Our bottom line is you.

AxisPlus Benefits™ will provide your employees with simple to understand communication materials that have been proven to work. AxisPlus Benefits™ has seen a 10%–20% increase in participation as a result of our communication materials.

Accessing information is made easy through our online secure web portal. An employer can access all employer reports, plan documents, employee information materials and employer newsletter online. This information is available 24/7 and if you should have any questions you can also access a persona customer service representative 24/7.

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