About us

 AxisPlus Benefits™ was created to provide services to educational institutions that needed. . .

  • A sound tax free product for its employees and itself
  • A customer service group that was experienced and provided personalized service
  • A cost effective program that would meet the financial needs of a restricted educational budget.

Since 1999 AxisPlus Benefits™ has successfully fulfilled these needs for educational institutions across the nation. Not only have we fulfilled these needs with educational institutions, but we have also provided these administrative services to all sectors of the economy, from large corporate clients to government agencies.

  • AxisPlus Benefits™ is a comprehensive service provider, offering a variety of benefits
  • We take great pride in retaining all of our clients

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide products and services that assist employees and employers in saving for their future.


We require every member of our staff to be certified in Flexible Compensation (CFC) and AxisPlus Benefits™ adheres to the highest ethical and fiduciary standards possible. This means that every single individual that works with you on your Plan is qualified, certified and prepared to give you the service that you deserve. Every member of our team is required to be put through a rigorous program of study to maintain a level of skill and knowledge that is above industry standards. The resulting high quality of service will provide you with the Plan compliance you expect and will keep you up to date on current regulations and laws.

But most important is that AxisPlus Benefits™ is your experienced partner who will guide you through administering of your health care plan in a fast, and money saving process!

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